Monday, December 18, 2006

Book 2: Captain Alatriste

Arturo Perez-Reverte has been responsible for some of the most joyous beach-reads I've ever had, so I've been saving Captain Alatriste since this summer. When the sequel came out, I had even more reason to save it, so I could read them together. It was worth the wait.

Set in 17th Century Spain, Perez-Reverte's hero (Diego Alastriste) is a man of the old-world: a swashbuckler and former soldier with a moral code driven by his need to stave off hunger and debtor's prison. His friends are a motley crew of poets and priests, and the narrator -- a young boy taken in by the Captain -- participates with a sense of both grandeur and awe at his elder's exploits.

Fast-moving and rich in both historical detail and a great sense of character, Perez-Reverte has started a great series, one I'm looking forward to continuing...tomorrow! I love it when I save two books that turn out to be winners!


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