Monday, December 18, 2006

Vacation Book 1: The Foreign Correspondent

For those of you not familiar with the great book race, my friend Bruce and I vacation together every year. During that time, I read about a book a day, and Bruce stares at the same chapter from the new James Patterson novel for about a week. One year, someone asked me what I read over the break. In an effort to remember all of my books, I decided to blog them a little, so students and friends could follow along.

With that introduction, my first book on the vacation was Alan Furst's The Foreign Correspondent. I'm a big fan of Furst, but brought this one along because my father -- who lives in Europe -- wants to read it and is too cheap to buy it on Amazon. So, I'll ship it to him when I'm done (oh, dutiful son).

Another in the series of Furst's excellent espionage novels, The Foreign Correspondent is a little more hopeful than some of his other books. I was particularly engaged when I realized that characters and beats from Furst's other novels were working their way into this one. Set in Italy and surrounding nations, we follow the editor of the leading underground newspaper through pre-WWII Europe and watch, sadly, as small pieces are put into place that will lead to disaster for many.

Recommended! Look for it in a small package on its way to Europe....


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