Monday, January 19, 2009

Let Freedom Ring....

Just taking a moment to recognize a historic moment in American history, without the textbooks handy.

Memory takes me back to my world as a teenager, purchasing Stevie Wonder's album, Hotter Than July. It was a favorite for many years. I also remember standing on line in front of Madison Square Garden ALL NIGHT LONG to wait for tickets to Stevie's concert, his first in a long time.

On the night of the concert, as on many nights before, during, and after the tour, Stevie exhorted the crowd with a rousing speech calling for the national celebration of Martin Luther King's birthday.

I can clearly recall dancing with complete strangers on the floor of the Garden as we shouted and sang along. I can also recall the joy I felt when our Senators and Representatives were moved to act and the final votes were cast for the creation of today's holiday.

Tomorrow is another day, and with it will come perhaps one of the most important occasions of this new century. It could not have come to pass, though, without the work of Dr. King.

So today is for Dr. King.

Let Freedom Ring.


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